No more standing on a freezing floor as you prepare your breakfast on cold mornings. Step out of bed bare-footed and feel the luxurious warmth of heated kitchen tiles under your toes as you start your day. Why not ease your way into the weekend and treat yourself to long breakfasts, enjoying your new warm floor. Utilizing today‚Äôs modern multilayer pipes, control systems and high efficiency boilers, the under floor heating systems of today are extremely comfortable and controllable. Radiators are no longer needed so giving more room space. The heat is more evenly distributed and dust is not circulated.

Under floor heating has made it possible to reduce energy consumption by using low water temperatures. These systems, based on the development of complex and very high quality plastic pipe, such as the multilayer pipe, now account for over 60% of some heating markets. It is always advisable to install an insulation layer over concrete sub-floors and cement screeds to improve the efficiency of the under floor heating system.

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